We covered targeted temperature management in a recent journal club. Scott Weingart now has an interview with Niklas Nielsen on EMCrit which comes after the initial interest in his TTM trial has subsided slightly and the interview is an interesting reflection on the consequences of his research and some more detail about the methodology.

The thought provoking points include discussion about the timing of prognostic decisions, the volume of cases in centres which take OOHCA, and the availability of PCI.

Hypercapnia for neuroprotection, any takers?

EMCrit also links to a review by Poldermans which goes against the view that we should abandon therapeutic hypothermia. It raises an interesting point which we also touched upon in journal club: wide variations may be so harmful that the potential benefit of therapeutic hypothermia is hidden.

Our colleague Kristina Ooi is looking at how we manage temperature on NCCU at the moment. We are also looking at our prognostic tools and it is encouraging to hear that further detail from the TTM trial is on the way to aid this.