We are collaborating with the NIHR Brain Injury healthcare Technology Co-operative in Cambridge to develop a list of clinical and research priorities based on a “survey and workshop” process aimed at identifying patients, families and carers’ unmet needs. We want know about the experience of brain injured patients after their injury and have developed a short survey to establish whether the needs of the patient and carer were met on the intensive care unit. The results of the survey will be used to help decide what the top priorities are for research into new technologies.

Please share widely.

Alternatively there is downloadable form which can email emailed to: info@brainhtc.org or posted to:

NIHR Brain Injury Healthcare Technology Co-operative
Box 167, Department of Clinical Neurosciences
Cambridge Biomedical Campus

Our survey closes at the end of October 2015.

Thank you.

Lara Prisco and David Menon